Monday, October 29, 2012

Witches Night Out

Happy Halloween! It's not too late to get a costume together if you haven't already started! My sisters were going to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village last weekend and they wanted some fabulous hats.

Here is what we came up with!

First, we started with a plain black hat from Walmart. They were $1.39. There was a gray wig attached, so we just cut that off and hat the perfect hat for a steal of a deal!

This first hat was made with a green boa and a big green feather (both from Hobby Lobby). I had gone to Tai Pan and they had a sale on all of their Halloween decorations. That purple skeleton was part of it, so I got it for $.99. Sales are a beautiful thing!

This hat also has a boa and giant feather. The skeleton was from Tai Pan. It came in a four pack for $2.50! What I love the most is shopping after the holidays and getting everything super discounted. Then you can use it for next year's crafts! Torri also used a silver skeleton for a necklace and it turned out so adorable (in a scary skeleton sort of way!). :)

I think that this last one is my favorite! I had this scrap fabric to use. I started trying to wrap it around the tip so that it was smooth, but that wasn't working out. (That is the OCD in me!) But then I started to wrap around all gathered up and I think that it ended up cuter that way. I just hot glued the whole thing on and it stuck on really well. All those spiders came in a package from Walmart. And isn't the tulle fun? We made it so they could pull it over her face or it could drape the back. So fun!

Happy Halloween everyone! (It's the best time of the year!)