Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hedge Hogs make the cutest pattern!

I have seen a few square baby vintage blankets floating around and they always look so cute! I have had some cute fabric laying around waiting for me to do something extra cute with it. Have you seen the Moda fabric "Blue Bird Park"? I just love it! I have had it for a few months now, but I've been waiting to do something extra special with it. Vintage style baby blanket it was. :)

 I had a 5x5 inch charm pack, and I cut each square into 4 squares. Then I just laid them out on the white flannel. I pinned them, which ended up being the HARDEST way to do it. (That is usually my style.) After, I found out that most people use fabric glue to get the squares to stay. My lines would have been more even if I did that, but I wasn't too worried about it.

Seriously... those hedge hogs.. I love them!

I had the front, padding, and back already together. So when I sewed the squares on, it was also doing my quilting for me. It was the fastest way to do a blanket!

This little owl I just cut out and appliqu├ęd right on. He was really easy to make!
I used a blanket stitch around some of his edges, but some of them (like the beak and feet) I left a raw edge for texture. 

The binding is my absolute favorite part! Can you guess why?? Ha ha. On the front of the blanket, it's just coral, and on the back is the line of hedge hogs!

You can also see my quilting lines. You can see every mistake when you do it this way.. If it wasn't a baby blanket, I don't think that my OCD mind could take it. But luckily, it's supposed to just be cuddly. 

Everyone I know is having baby boys. So this quilt does not have a home yet. But I was just aching to use this pretty fabric! 

What have you been sewing lately? 

And just because I have the sweetest little buddy... Here is a picture. :) 

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