Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Double Party!

 I have been so excited about today! I just love to celebrate birthdays. Cake, ice cream, theme decorations... What's not to love? My cute hubby turns 26 today and little Weston turns 2 next week. October is the greatest!

With Weston's current obsession with Monster Jam, we thought that would be a fun idea for a party. Pinterest had lots of ideas for Monster Jam parties.. Particularly this and this one. So many fun ideas. I didn't use all of them, mostly because the kids that we were coming were mostly under 2 so a lot of the cute activities would have gone over their heads. But I loved all the different ideas for the food! 

We played in the backyard since the weather was so nice and kept the food simple with cake, root beer floats and doughnuts. Don't you love the Monster Truck shirt? Target :)

We had so many fun friends come over! There were even a couple more, but they came after the picture. So many cute little guys!

This was the quilt that I made for little Westy. I have been working on it for a while now. Remember this post about how to use crayon on quilts? That's what I did for this quilt. I used Pinterest to find coloring pages of all Weston's favorite things and then used a light box to draw it onto the fabric. 

I think my favorite part is the triangle border. I found this tutorial on Pinterest. It was a great, easy to use tutorial that adds so much to the quilt. 

It was so much fun to put together! And he has had a lot of fun looking at all the different characters on it. Two is such a fun age!

You didn't think I could get through an entire birthday party bash post and not mention how awesome  these boys are, did you? Because I totally can't. :) 
My parents always talked about how fast babies grow up, but whoa.. it's terribly true. Steven and I always talk about how when you are a parent, one minute can feel like a year, but a year can feel like a second. It's weird how that works. 

How did he go from this smiley little guy...

To this smiley big guy?

Even before we got married, I would always talk about how scared I was to have boys. I come from a house of girls, and I really, really love girls. Say what you want about the drama or whining, but I loved having a house of sisters and having a group of girlfriends. I loved the princess life and the sparkles and high heels. I couldn't imagine a life with cars and dirt and {gasp} bugs... I told Steven that the only way that I wouldn't be terrified of having a boy first is if our boy was exactly like him.

Well wish granted! These two handsome guys are seriously more and more alike each day. They have always looked like each other obviously, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

They both are so active, and have so much energy it blows my mind. Weston can have a night where he sleeps 3 hours and still gets up at 7:00 wanting to go outside to jump on the tramp! 
To say that they love cars is a huge understatement. And they love animals just as much. 

Once they get their minds set on something, you can forget about trying to convince them of something else. That can make for a few hard toddler moments, but it is a quality that has greatly benefited Steven's whole life.

Weston is fiercely independent, but also loves to be cuddled. He thinks everything is an iPhone touch screen and he cheers every time his dad gets home from work. The boys even have the same diet! Chick-fil-A makes up a good portion of their meals. 
They are both loving, and they have tender hearts, which I think is the best quality a person can have. They are both extremely protective, of each other, me, and baby Cole. 

They both love to tell stories and make people laugh. They have utterly infectious laughs; it's impossible to not laugh along with them. Making new friends is always on their to do list. Coming from a person who was even too shy to call someone on the phone, both of them have pushed me to grow and learn and make new friends of my own. 

Steven and I have been together 10 years now, and he continually surprises me. For those of you who know Steven, he is out-going and loud and so much fun, but I think most of his high school buddies would be surprised at how quiet of a dad he is. He is very soft-spoken and hardly ever gets his feathers ruffled. There have been many nights that he has outrun me in the patience race. He works hard at work and school, then works hard when he comes home to help me with the boys. 
{Steven with Colton July 2015}

If you would have asked me when we got married what our life would be like towards our 6th anniversary, I never would have guessed this. Who knew I would have TWO little baby boys to look after? I never would have thought that I would know every name of every truck in Monster Jam or even all the one liners from movies like Cars. Now I don't even want to think about a life without Thomas Train. 

Happy Birthday to little Weston, who made me a mom. I'm so grateful you are you and for all the happiness you have brought us.
And Happy Birthday to my one and only love. You make every day a good day.