Thursday, June 18, 2015

Must-haves for Baby!

So many people have asked me about what kinds of products are my must-haves for my babies. And I have to admit, that if I'm going to be spending money, I love to buy baby things! Here is a list of things that I loved for my newborns...

The Boppy
Learning to nurse can be hard! It's hard learning the best positions and not getting a sore neck or back. This was so helpful for me. And as the baby gets bigger it's a great way to help prop them up to see the world.

Aden & Anais burp cloths and swaddles
I will admit, the burp cloths are a little pricey, so I only have two of them. But they are great. The material is super absorbent and they fit around your shoulder perfectly. The swaddles are great, especially for spring/summer babies because the material is so light that they don't get sweaty. Plus, they are super cute! :)

The Mamaroo
Oh, the Mamaroo. I didn't have this for my first baby and boy, do I regret it! We got this as a gift for baby Colton and it has been INCREDIBLE. Because it moves all different ways and different speeds, it fits every mood. It can rock him to sleep for me on nights that Weston is having a hard time. I know my friend loves to use hers in the morning so she can get ready and her baby stays perfectly content. Completely worth the money. 

The Woombie
This is probably one of my all time favorite things. The Woombie is a zip up swaddle. Colton just loved to be swaddled so this was perfect. They do run pretty small like the reviews say, so keep that in mind when ordering one. I used the newborn size for a few weeks then switched to the Big Baby size. The minute I put Colton in his, he would calm right down. You can't use these when they start rolling because their arms are swaddled up so the next step is the Zippadeezip. My friend swears by hers, so I have one ordered and on its way! 

Butt Paste 

I tried several different diaper creams and this one worked the fastest by a long shot. And the tube lasted me forever. 

Nuk Binkies
I love Nuk Binkies because they actually stay in the baby's mouth without me having to hold it in for him. Nothing is worse than finally getting a baby soothed and calm with a binky then the binky just falls out. Grr! These binkies match the shape of their mouth so it's easier to keep the suction.

Drop In bottles
Drop In bottles are perfect for newborns and little babies because they are so fast to warm up. When warming up bottles, you have to warm they by sticking them in a bowl of hot water. It can take a while when warming them up through a thick plastic bottle. The drop ins make it fast because they are thin. And if you buy the Target brand of drop ins, it can be very affordable. 

Tommee Tippee
These are my favorite for when they are started on formula or regular milk. They are easy to hold and easy to wash. They don't have all the extra parts that are easily lost. 

formula carrier 
This simple carrier is so great for formula babies! You have the exact amount of formula for a bottle in each section ready to go at a moments notice. No fumbling trying to get the correct amount of powder without spilling when you have a screaming baby. You can find different brands of these at many different stores by the baby food.

Breast Pump 
This is for moms who choose to breast feed. This isn't my exact pump, I have a much older version of it. But whatever pump you choose, you definitely need one! If there's ever a time when the baby doesn't eat enough this saves you from feeling sore! Plus, in the first month you can really get a good amount of milk storage so if you go back to work or ever need to have a night out, the baby sitter is all set with bottles. In the first month I probably used my pump 2-3 times a day. As my milk starts to level out, I use it more like once a day but it is so nice to have. And now most insurance companies reimburse you for one so they are easier to get. 
Coconut oil 
This may seem strange to some, but I use coconut oil a lot the first little while with my newborns. Instead of using nipple cream, I have a tiny jar that I fill with coconut oil that I put on myself after feeding the baby. It heals me right up and I don't have to worry about the baby getting sick from it. It's great for newborn skin too. There were a couple places where Colton had some chapped skin and this cleared it right up. Even as Weston got big I used this. When Weston started on formula, he would get really constipated so I would put a tablespoon of melted coconut oil in his formula once a day or once every other day and it worked like a charm! 

Hopefully this gives everyone some good ideas! Happy mothering! 

*all these opinions are from my own experience from what worked with my babies. I was not paid for any of these opinions*