Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy First Birthday, Baby Boy!

In 9th grade, Steven would always walk me to my 3rd period class. On the way there, we would ask each other get-to-know-you questions. I remember one day, I asked him, "Who is your best friend?" He said, "Well you don't know him, but his name is Colton." He told me all about how they grew up as close as brothers. I don't know why I said this to him (or really why I remember), but I said, "I really love the name Colton!" Fast forward 10 years, a wedding day, and one older brother... and this little Colton was born.

It's strange the feelings that come with being a parent. The stress, the worries, the happiness all seem more intense than they did before. How did I ever go to sleep at night without my last thoughts being these babies? And how did I wake up without thinking about them? I believe in soul mates in the romantic way of speaking. But I also believe in a different kind of soul mates; the kind where the people around you are meant to be in your life. I feel like children are the truest form of this type of soul mate. Whether they come to earth through your own body or someone else's, your children have a hold on the very core of your existence.

Last Sunday, the boys were wrestling around the room. Weston was trying to hide his trucks from Colton and Colton was trying to bite Weston's wiggling toes. There were squeaks and giggles and screams. Steven and I were laughing and I turned to him and said, "Do you remember when Sunday afternoons were so peaceful and quiet?" He said, "Ya, and I will be sad when they are quiet again." Babies grow into kids, and kids grow up. So I will soak them up while I can.

This past Saturday, we had a birthday party for Colton. We are so lucky to have so many fun, loving people in our lives! We had a Sesame Street party because that is literally his favorite thing.

Colton is such a fun little guy. He absolutely refuses to walk, although he can stand up and shoot a basketball into the hoop with no problem. He loves to play basketball and catch. His first word was "ball" and he says it so much that he will even say it in his sleep! He also says, "hi" "bye" and "dad" "ba-ba" and "up above". He learned the last phrase from singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

Every week I take the boys to the library and they always sing the song with hand motions. Now whenever he wants to sing, he will do the hand motions and sing "up above". {Cue my heart melting} He loves to watch movies, and he is an avid reader. I didn't realize how long a 1 year old could sit and just look at books until he came along. He loves animals, big and small. He is always trying to sneak off to climb something. He is a fruit snacks lover and an all around great eater. He already knows where my candy drawer is! He is so friendly. I love watching him interact with other kids because he will crawl right up to them and say "hi!" and wave.

He was a mommy's boy for a while, but now he's switching over to the dad side (How does Steven keep getting so lucky!). He is full of life and happiness and light. His Grandpa Ken is always saying that Colton has a twinkle in his eye, and it's true! I just can't believe it's been a whole year already. I love you so much sweet little Colton!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ABC Felt Book for Colton's #1 Birthday!

I just love quiet books! They are so fun to make and it's so fun for the kids to look at. Colton's first birthday is this weekend and I barely finished his birthday present in time!

One of the fun parts about a quiet book is that you can add different textures to add to the touch and feel quality of the book. I used a lot of buttons in this book and jewelry wire for the guitar. 

Watch for another blog post this weekend about his birthday party details (Sesame Street!) and the cutest smash cake pictures you've ever seen!