Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Beauty and the Beast Quilt

Isn't it always fun when family is in town? We were lucky this past weekend to spend time with my sister Torri and her adorable hubby, Taylor (known to us as Tay-Tay). She had mentioned to Alexa about a week before she came that she would love a Disney quilt like Alexa is making. If you know our family, you know that almost everything revolves around Disney in some way or another! 

Well, in 2 days, Alexa and I made a quilt for her! I don't even know how we pulled it off to be honest. It is really simple, but it was so much fun working with Lex on it. It's fun having a sister that sews! My plan is to slowly start forcing the rest of them to do it too... :) 

   {me, Torri, Alexa, and Abbey}

Here it is! Alexa has only been sewing since Christmas, and I've been sewing for a couple years now. So we were really proud of this! Torri loved it which is why we were extra excited.  

For the drawings, we used the same method that I used for Weston's car mat. It's really easy. Here's the simple version. 
First, draw on your fabric using a Sharpie and color it in using crayons. You want to do it fairly dark because it will fade just a little. Next, you will need to dip a rag in white vinegar and put the rag over the picture. You are going to press it with a hot iron. Make sure you just press, not iron because we don't want to smudge the crayon. Lay it out to dry, then it's ready to use in your quilt!

Hope you are all having as fun of a summer as we are!