Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Control Your Beaker!

A few weeks ago, my aunt Bonnie gave me a whole bunch of plain bags. You can't even imagine how excited I was about it! I love love love making bags. They don't call me "the bag lady" for nothing! I asked her what her favorite character was from the Muppets and she told me Beaker. 
I looked up pictures of Beaker on Google and came up with this design...

I didn't have a pattern, I just winged it. But it didn't turn out half bad, huh?

The fuzzy hair is probably my favorite part. I just used that crazy string and kept looping it and looping it. Then I took my fingers and roughed it up to make sure it looked extra fuzzy.
I can't take credit for the saying, that was all Steven. He is really crafty! (but he wouldn't admit it for anything!) 
Love ya Bon!!



  1. Miss C, this turned out soooo cute! You need to open up an Etsy shop and make some moola off of your oodles and gobs of talent! For real.

  2. How come this is the first I have heard of this DARLING blog, Miss C?!?! I am honored to have "MY BAG" featured:) XOXOX You are truly the BEST!