Monday, January 7, 2013

Cruisin' Through December

How was everyone's Christmas?! I can't believe it's already over. It went by way too fast. We got home from our cruise Christmas Eve and let me tell you, December is the best time to vacation! 

Do you like our Christmas morning hair? :)

This is my cute family on Christmas morning. Notice the cute doll house in the middle for baby Lydia! (There will be a whole post about that doll house!)

These are Steven's cute cousins that we went on the cruise with. Aren't they so lovely? Best friends ever. In the spring I started making these blankets for them. I wanted to give them something to remember that awesome December that all of our cares floated away into the ocean. :) I made four of them, one for each of the ladies. 

I had Britt make this cute glasses print and I put on fabric transfer paper and ironed on. 

I had decided on rag quilts because I thought that they would be fun and easy. Wrong!! Oh man, it is hard to get the corners to match and they take a long time to make. But they turn out cute. It's a good thing that I started in the spring though. They are smaller blankets, but I figured they would be cute to wrap our babies up in one day. :)

And speaking of crafty.... the queen of sewing made all these cute outfits! Amy (far right) literally sewed all of these blue outfits! I sewed a fourth of my dress and she just had to finish because I got in way over my head. :) But in just working with her for a few hours, I learned so so much. The outfits turned out so cute! Yes we were totally one of those families who do matchy-matchy and we loved every second of it! 

I can't believe how fast everything has gone by! I hope you all had a great holiday!Photobucket

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