Monday, March 25, 2013

How do you take a wall mirror down!?

Recently our cute cousin Amy bought her first condo! We are so, so excited for her. My favorite part about the whole place is that it is really close to us! :) We were able to help her with some of her remodeling that she needed to do. One of the first things to go? The giant wall mirror! 

Some people totally love them, and some people just don't. I must agree with her in the fact that I think they are pretty awful! Ha ha. The boys were in charge of taking it down. Amy had found this idea on the internet and I thought that I would share it with you guys in case you have a dreadful wall mirror! 

Step One: Tape off the whole mirror with duct tape in a plaid pattern. 

Step Two: Hammer it down! This is very, very loud. And make sure to wear gloves and eye gear! The boys told us that it was much easier to take down the mirror with the tape. The tape holds everything together so that it doesn't shatter all over the floor. There is still some clean up, but not nearly what it would have been. The tape kept it all in big chunks. 

Brade was really excited about getting his picture taken. :) Hopefully this helps!

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