Saturday, June 8, 2013

Boy or Girl?

Ah! Another post... Can you believe how long it has taken me the last few weeks?? Well last night was something a little extra special so it definitely warrants a post. Yesterday we had our gender revealing ultra sound, our 20 week one. Can I tell you how exciting it was! So we had a party planned for our family. I got this idea off of Pinterest...

We borrowed a giant box and filled it with balloons....

Then we had our parents come over and open it up to see if they are going to have a grandson or granddaughter...

It's a BOY!!! As you can tell from our family picture... we are definitely heavy on the girls so I was more than ready to have a little princess. Both Steven and I are very good with the girls and we love them. What do I do with a boy? I guess that I am going to have to learn how to play football and trucks pretty fast! :)

A lot of people ask me if I thought it was a boy or girl. About a month ago, Steven and I were talking about what we would rather have. I said girl because I know girls so well. Steven was telling me how bad he wants a boy because he wants to take a little buddy fishing and teach him how to drive the boat. Then he said that besides being married, being a big brother is his favorite thing in the whole world and he really wants our boy to have that chance. I think that was the moment that I knew he had prayed the baby into a boy. And we are so excited!!

Now that I am feeling better, graduated, and working a lot less (thank you husband!!), I will FINALLY be able to get some more crafting posts up! I have rehopolstered the bed, painted the table and chairs, and started sewing again... so get ready for a crafting overload soon! Yay!



  1. so cute! congrats!!! You are going to absolutely LOVE a little boy. Boys are so much fun, they are the BEST!

  2. Little boys are AWESOME!! You will have so much fun with him. I always wanted a little girl, because my husband's family is all boys. After two wonderful little boys, I finally had my girl this last November, but I don't know what we would do without our little guys. They are a blast :)