Friday, July 19, 2013

Popcorn Cupcakes

So a few weeks ago was our cousin's birthday. For her party, we were going to see Monsters University (which I highly recommend!).  We decided to make popcorn cupcakes. I searched Pinterest for a tutorial and all I found was pictures. I finally found one but it took forever, so I decided that I would do my own little write up for those of you who also have this issue!

FirstI made the cupcakes, just using the confetti box mix. Once they were cooled and ready to frost, I got out the marshmallows. 

Cut the marshmallows into different shapes. I found that if you cut it in half in different angles, it works perfectly. 

Then just frost the cupcakes using whatever kind of frosting you like best. The frosting doesn't have to be perfect. You just need it to hold the marshmallows in place. It does need to have this shape though, because we want the marshmallows to look like a big bowl of popcorn, higher on top than on the sides. 

Next, you just stick those marshmallows all over the cupcakes. Smoosh lots of them in there so you can't see the frosting and that way it will look full. 

So next you need water and yellow food coloring. I took a water bottle and mixed some water and food coloring. Then lightly spray all of the cupcakes so all the "kernels" have a slightly yellow glow. You don't want them to get mushy, so just a couple of sprays should do it. 

Then I got out my cooking paint brush. I dipped the brush into the yellow water and carefully painted several kernels. That gives it the look of several kernels having more butter on them than others. 

They turned out really cute and they were super easy to make!


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