Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bubble Quilt & Nursery

Bubble quilts! They are so much fun! I saw this link on Pinterest from Awaiting Ada and I wanted to see if I could make one. I didn't do a full tutorial because she did such a great job. I will just tell you the few different steps that I took.

I have to tell you that these take a LONG time to make. Don't think that you can take one weekend to make it and have it all finished unless you can literally use every hour from that weekend. Even just the way you have to pin it takes quite a while. But they are so cute that I think they are worth it!

Here is the bubble quilt I made to match our nursery...

The material I used is the Michael Miller and Sarah Jane fabric "Out to Sea". It's my all time favorite material!

This is the first bubble quilt that I made. I had some extra purple material and my friend was pregnant. I was crossing my fingers that she was going to have a girl so that I could give it to her. (Luckily, she did!)


For this quilt, I used much bigger squares than Awaiting Ada does. I already had them cut so I thought I would try it out. I think it worked out pretty good! I did use her measurements for the bubble quilt I made for our nursery though, just because I had less fabric. 

If you read her tutorial, you can see that she has a really cute ruffle that goes around the bottom and then has the minky. Honestly, I was running out of time so I skipped the minky. I tried sewing the minky on my machine, but the bubbles were already full and it was just too hard to do. So I had to hand sew the whole bottom portion. (I told you, it took a LONG time!)

This is how I did the sides instead of using the ruffle... I cut the minky so that it was just about an inch and a half longer around each side. Then I folded all the minky up so that it bordered the bubbles and pinned it..

This is how I did the corners... First you pin one whole side.

Then you take the end corner and pull it in so that it looks like a triangle... just like this picture shows. 

Then I pull the non-pinned side up and fold it down into itself, to hide the raw edge. 

Pin it and start hand stitching! Luckily, minky is very forgiving and hides mistakes well. I think it turned out really great!

A few people have asked me to post pictures of my nursery and it's finally all done! So enjoy :)

The theme of my nursery is sailing, based on fabric from Michael Miller and Sarah Jane. Isn't this mobile perfect? I got it from my cousins for one of my showers. 

On the wall behind the crib, I am going to get newborn pictures done and get one of those big canvas pictures to hang. 

This is a shadow box that Steven made for the nursery. He is incredible! 

 We found the wheel at Hobby Lobby. The weekend that we found out it was a boy, Steven and I went shopping to find some cute details for the nursery. This was one of them and we also found the wooden sailboat in the shadow box at Hobby Lobby. I made the poster hanging up in photoshop and had it printed. 

These two blankets are extra special! The one on the bottom is a blanket that my grandma made before she passed away. She had been talking to me about how much she wanted me to have a fall baby at the same time as my aunt. She said that she was making this because she just knew that it would happen. At the time I was thinking, no way! But a few months after she passed away, boom! Surprise! :) Both me and my aunt are having fall babies just like she wanted!

The blanket on top was done by Steven's great grandma Francis when he was a baby. I think that my mother-in-law said that the blanket was made for his baby blessing. So our little guy has a blanket from his great grandma and his great-great grandma! And these cute little shoes are the very first present that Steven and I bought for the baby after we found out that we were pregnant. 

Here is a toy box that Steven made! I told you... He is incredible! I had mentioned to Steven that I wanted a home made toy box and about a week later he totally surprised me with this. It matches the room perfectly! We decided that we are going to do a hand print from the baby on the front of it when we bring him home from the hospital. Then every time we have a baby we will do the same thing. By the time we are grandparents, it will be full of different little handprints!

This is the rocking chair that my mother-in-law recieved from her mother-in-law when she was pregnant with Steven. I just love hand-me-downs! They are so much better than store bought. Steven's aunt helped me re-cover the rocking chair so that it didn't have the awesome 90's fabric on it. :) I tried to do something that would match a boy or a girl so that we can use it for all our babies. 

This teddy bear was made at Build-a-Bear when Steven and I were dating. The weekend we found out we were having a boy, we bought it a little sailor outfit to match the nursery. Every good nursery has a teddy bear in it. :)

As of today... we only have 39 more days until the due date! It's getting really really close! Any good advice for what to do the last few weeks?



  1. What a cute nursery!! I love the toy box, what a great idea. Good luck the last little bit :)

  2. Love love love it!hope all goes well with the last few weeks!