Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby Blocks

 It's almost that time!! I'm 38 weeks and the doctor says that it is any day now! {Please come soon little guy!!} I just had to share this idea before the baby comes and I take a little blogging break. I saw some blank blocks at The Wood Connection and thought that it would be so cute if we made custom blocks for the baby. I bought enough for our parents, our sisters, two future brother-in-laws {wink, wink}, and a few extras for Steven and I to do. Everyone was so creative! Here are the blocks that we all made...

The block on the right is the block that Steven and I did together. We did it about our hobbies. Besides the birdie stamp on the side, one of us would start the picture and the other one would finish it. It turned out really cute! On the other block I used plain stamps. 

These are blocks that Steven and I made. Don't you love Steven's Bronco? :)

Here is the other side of the same blocks...

These are the blocks that my mom and dad made. The thing that is great about these blocks is that they can be as fancy or as simple as you want them to be and they all look so cute! The only "rule" that I had for everyone is that their name had to be on the block somewhere so that the baby would someday know who made what block. 

These are my sister's blocks and one of the future family members. :)  I love how different everyone's turned out!

These are my in-laws blocks... I feel like their blocks totally show off their personalities. Cute, right? I love the self portrait going on with Ken's!

Seannie did something so creative with hers. There were enough sides for each letter of her name so she added little pictures to each letter. I love the elephant!

It was so much fun seeing what everyone did with their blocks! Because it was so fun, I decided that I am going to make this a tradition for each of our babies!

Only a few more days!! We are ready for you baby!


  1. Love them! Can't wait to see little baby!

  2. The blocks are way cute! Good luck with everything!!