Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happiness Project

This is really really exciting guys... It could be so much fun! It started with my friend Cortnee. (First, I would like to mention something that you are all thinking... No I don't exclusively hang out with people who have the same name as me, but it is definitely a cool name! :) ) I met Cortnee at the U while we were working in the preschool together. I don't know how many of you have majored in education, but it can be quite challenging. Cortnee was also about a month or two away from having her baby girl so I know that she was extra tired. BUT... You have never met someone more happy or more positive in your whole life! She came every day with a big smile on her face ready for the challenges of school. She has a blog which is pretty much the cutest thing.

She posted something a week or so ago called The Happiness Project. You need to read her post about it! It's incredible. The whole goal is to get tons of videos of people dancing and putting it to the song "Happy" by the BYU Vocal Point just to make people smile and to show them that the world isn't so bad after all. I loved this. So Steven and I made a dancing video we are going to send to her but I decided to make one as well! What if we got all sorts of blogs to do it? Can you imagine how many people we could get to smile?

There is one major thing I have learned about happiness in my 24 years. It's that EVERYONE has problems, some people just talk about them and some people don't. So what makes the difference if we all have our problems? Some people choose to live in their problems and some people choose happiness. Happiness is a choice! So choose it!!

What if our goal every day was to make at least one person smile? Can you imagine how much happier the world would be? I hope this dancing video makes you smile!

This is a work in progress video that I will be updating each time I get more videos! And I am already promised more, so this should be fun! Keep checking back to see the new version! I want so many people in it that it just flashes faces!

Thanks Cortnee for such a happy idea! :)


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