Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Perfect Bow

I have to give credit to my partner in crime from Creating Violet Skies, Miss Amy. She was the one that showed this to me, and seriously it changed my crafting!
This is the way to make the perfect bow! 

First start out with five strips of ribbon that are about the same size. You are going to be folding three of them in half, so make them double the size that you want your bow to be. You will also need an extra little piece to go around the middle of the bow. 

With three of them, make a circle and glue the ends together. The pinch the direct center and glue it down. 

So you will have three loops and two longer pieces and your small little piece. With my three loops, I did two of them with the glossy side out, and one loop with the matte side out just to add more texture with the bow. 

Take two loops and make a slight cross and glue them together in the middle. I glued together the two glossy ones and had the matte one be in the middle. 

Then take the third one (my matte one), and glue down the centers so that it goes exactly across. 

Take the small piece and fold it around to make the center of the bow. 

On the back of the bow, glue the two remaining pieces, in a slight cross so that they don't hang right over each other. 

You can cut the bottom of the hanging ribbon so that they have an angled end. 
I used these bows on my March garland. Using this method, bows always turn out just perfect!

The thicker the ribbon, the better the bow turns out. I love the wired ribbon because you can really shape it to be however you want. With this wired red ribbon, I pinched the center of the bow and glued it before I put the small center piece on it so that I could get the bow to bend a little more. 

My friend Amy from Creating Violet Skies and I, used this method for our Valentines wreath that we made. Doesn't it turn out just perfectly?


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