Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Time Wrap-Up

Happy Holidays everyone! Did you forget that I existed? I can't believe how fast the last several months have gone. Pretty much from October 1 until the New Year, my life is just packed full of birthdays and parties. I always say that October 1 marks the greatest time of the year, but it does take more of my attention away from things like blogging! :) Just a little update on us.. Steven turned the big 2-5 and is now at the U of U and little Westy turned a whole year old! He's running around like crazy making all sorts of animal noises. We also found out that we are having another little boy! April 18 is the due date for Mr. Colton and we are so excited to have a little brother!

Now onto crafting! I had to share my favorite present that I made this holiday season. I made a family tree pillow cover for my parents...

It was so much fun to make and not too hard at all. I bought a blank pillow from Ikea and enough cotton fabric to cover it. I had looked up different drawings of family trees on Pinterest and came up with this drawing that I just sketched onto the white fabric with pencil. Pencil is great to use because it just rubs right off. Once I had my sketch on, I just embroidered away. 

Every family has roots and I'm particularly fond of ours. :) The four roots are my four different grandparents. In the middle of the tree are my parent's initials. 

There are four branches, one for each of their daughters. Each of the leaves will contain the initials of the different grand babies that come along. My favorite part about this pillow case is that I made it so I can always go back and add initials for the new grand babies or the names of the new husbands. 

Here's the back. I just did snap buttons but I covered them up with cuter buttons. :) This way I can always get to the back of the family tree in order to add the names. 

It turned out super cute and my parents love it! I'm convinced that homemade gifts are the best type of gifts. :) 

Steven took off some time from work so we had a blast over the last couple weeks! We took family pictures (which Weston seriously LOVES to do).

And of course, Santa stopped by our house! I told Weston that he almost didn't make it to the nice list... It was a close call. ;) He loved the truck and puppy that Santa brought him!

And Steven and I got lots and lots and lots of candy! 
{Hi, I'm Cortney, and I'm a candy-holic}
At least I can admit it right?

Every year we get ornaments that reflect something big that has happened in the past year. 
This year Steven and I got an ornament that was 5 golden rings since we celebrated our 5th anniversary. And Weston got a little silver shoe since he started walking (and running!) this year. We have had this tradition since we got married and I seriously love it. 

What are some of your holiday traditions? 

We hope everyone is having a fun wintery break!!

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