Thursday, January 22, 2015

Colton's Toy Story Quilt

I'm so excited to share this with you! So as I blogged about before, we are having another little baby boy in April. We could not be more excited! Since the boys are going to share a room, I'm making the room into a Toy Story theme. I thought that Woody and Buzz Lightyear just might fit them perfectly. :) 

In order to make a baby blanket that had a Toy Story theme, I decided to do a strip quilt. My aunt Sue showed me this method and it could not be easier or faster!

First things first.. Get the back of the quilt ready. I did just a yard of flannel and kind of cut it off until it was about the size that I wanted. I kept it pretty simple! Then get your batting down on top of it. At the same time as cutting the back, I cut my strips. I had bought about 1/2 a yard of each fabric and I had some scraps from previous projects. You can make them simple strips, or you can do fun things with them, like I did a strip of pinwheels. 

When you start sewing, you are going to sew the middle piece first. I pinned it down so that I knew that it was even and straight. My middle one was the blue polka dots. You just sew it down to the batting and backing with the raw edges showing. It will get covered up so it doesn't matter. Another great thing about this quilt is it's a quilt as you go blanket which cuts down on a lot of time!

After you get the middle piece in, you can start adding pieces on each side. When adding a strip, you pin the raw seams together with the right sides together (picture below). 

Then just sew your straight line and pull it back! Add your next piece and keep going until you have them all sewn down. On the final strips, I sewed down the raw edges again. Then I just had to do the edging and it was done!

I wanted to add a bit of Toy Story flair, so I appliqu├ęd a cowboy boot on the bottom and added his name, just like Woody has Andy's name on his shoe. 

Now the only things left to do for the nursery are making the paintings. Wish me luck! Only 12 weeks to go!


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