Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August Decorations

Here are the cute decorations I put up for August. I love these cute little crows!
I saw these wooden dangles at the Wood Connection and it made me think of this idea. I put a wire on the back of the wood so that i could wrap the wire around the wreath. The wood was too heavy to just glue. 

Here are the dangles from the Wood Connection. 
Aren't those so cute!

I did these sunflowers a little differently than the wreath ones. I put the glitter in the center while the yellow paint was still drying. That way the glitter would fade out from the center. 

I love these watermelons. I used nails as the seeds and just painted the tops. I took a side picture so you could see it better. 

Hope everyone is having fun in the final days of summer!


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