Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's Start With The Peanut

So where to begin... I put together three costumes this year (with the help of my cute husband of course as well as a few others). We'll start with the peanut...

My sister decided to be the Planter's Peanut. She is so creative, last year she was Abe Lincoln. How cute is that?  I knew that I would have to really think of something crafty for this outfit though. I had this shirt that I was never going to use and it happened to be the perfect color for a peanut. So I just needed to get fabric to match it. I used about a yard and a half for the skirt. First I stamped the top and bottom with regular acrylic paint to make the indents for the peanut. If you do this, make sure that you put something in between the shirt so the paint doesn't sink through to the other side. 

After that I folded it in half long ways. My mother-in-law was kind enough to sew it for me. I don't have a sewing machine {sad face!} so I always need help in that department.

After we sewed the top, we folded it over about an inch and a half and sewed that. This is where I put the ribbon in so that she could pull it tight around her waist. 

I stuffed the middle of the skirt with some netting. I didn't put too much in though because I didn't want it too poofy.

The shirt was a little bit of a different color than the skirt. It was the closest they had, but it was a little off. So I put a bridge in between the two to break up the color. I took the rest of the netting and tied a bow with it around her waist. The cane was just a bamboo cane from the store and we spray painted it black. 

Her hat was actually from her Abe Lincoln costume last year. I took a ribbon and painted "Planter's Peanuts" on it then put the ribbon around the hat. 

We looked for a monocle, but couldn't find one anywhere. So we took an old necklace chain and I make a round circle with a wire.

It turned out pretty cute!!

Next up.. Jafar...

Honestly, his was really easy. For the cape, we bought two curtains from Walmart. The curtains are cheaper than getting fabric yard by yard. They were only $4.99 each. With help from my mother-in-law, we sewed the curtains together and just left the loops at the top open so that he could put a shoelace in it to tie it around himself. We bought the hat on Amazon and used face paint for his goatee. The shirt and pants are just regular black shirt and pants. The red curtain happened to be a little longer, so when we cut the extra off, we used it to put around his waist. 

What he really loved was his staff. We took an old rubber snake and glued it to a broom handle. One thing that was strange was that the rubber snake wouldn't hot glue for some reason. No matter what I did, it wouldn't stick. Steven came up with the genius idea of putting masking tape around the snake where we were going to glue it. It worked like a charm! After it was all glued, we just spray painted the whole thing. 

He makes a handsome villain! (Side note: Please don't mind the shoes. He loves them!)

The baby of the family didn't need any help from me. She wanted to be a dark fairy. She just wore one of her dresses and they already had the wings. 

How cute is she!

Last but not least! Ursula!!

Every year Steven and I dress up alike and this year the theme was Disney villains. Honestly it was just because I wanted to be Ursula!

 I did my hair up and sprayed it with white hair paint. It took three washes for all of it to come out!
I also got sparkly purple eyelashes to match my costume. 

My necklace was really fun. You probably remember in the movie when Ursula steals Ariel's voice she puts it in a gold shell necklace. So I felt like that was a crucial part of the costume. I found a shell at the craft store and painted it gold. Then Steven (very carefully) drilled a hole in it for the necklace chain to slip through.

I have to give the credit to my Grandma for helping me make the tentacles. I knew basically what I wanted, but I didn't know exactly how to sew it. So I spent one Saturday at her house and she helped me completely make the tentacles. They are triangles that are black on one side and purple on the other. Steven also gave me the idea to sew wire into them so that they can be bent. They turned out really cute right! And I made the tutu by tying strips of netting around a ribbon. The more strips you put on, the poofier the tutu is.  

The outfits seemed like they took a lot more time this year than I normally spend on them, but I think it was worth it! What a cute bunch!



  1. Cortney, you are incredibly talented! Your costumes are awesome and I'm so jealous that I never think of anything as fun :P I love these pictures :)

  2. Oh thank you! You are so sweet :)