Friday, October 21, 2011

The Season of Witches

Last Saturday was Gardner Village's Witches Night Out. I had never been before so I was really excited when my cousin invited me to go! She had a great idea, we were all going to make our own witch hats and we were each going to represent a different season. I chose winter because I think it's the prettiest!

I can't take credit for the base design of my hat. My two cousins came up with how to make the base and then I just designed it how I wanted it.

We started with a cone and strips. We used poster board so that it would be stronger. 

We took the strips and put them all the way around the hat. Then we took printed paper and layered it all the way around to make the brim.

Then we had to work on the point. I wanted my point all blue and I wanted it to curve. So first I put a large strip up and around the top of the poster board point. 

Then I added wire in the shape that I wanted the curve. 

This was super hard! I just had to keep adding strip after strip around the wire until it got to the point where it was kind of smooth. One thing to remember is that you can't add too many strips, because then it gets too fat and looks funny. It took a while to figure it out, but I finally got it there!

I also added ribbon around the brim so that the edges didn't look too uneven.

Then I added fake snow around the bottom. So here's the thing, for some dumb reason I thought that the can of snow was one of those liquid-to-powder things. Don't ask me why I thought that. So it looked perfect when I first sprayed it on, but then it kind of soaked through and cracked. It still worked, it just wasn't as fluffy as I hoped. 

I had gone to Hobby Lobby when they had their 40% off Christmas items sale and bought these two ornaments. I just superglued them to the hat. I was so excited when I found them, they were exactly what I was hoping to find!

See what I mean about the snow? And you can see the water mark too. But I don't think that it ended up half bad!

I didn't realize how big my hat was until I was next to everyone else, but it looks cute, right!?

Look how cute everyone looks! Spring put grass and birds on her hat, Autumn had fall flowers and a mini pumpkin, Summer made hers into a beach (which I completely loved!), and there was one other winter. She put a snowflake on hers and white paper roses. They all looked so cute! It was such a fun night!


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