Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crafts for Family Pictures

Last October we took family pictures with my family. I made my sisters and myself some cute stuff for our pictures. We decided that our colors would be gray, black, white, with an accent of yellow.

We are pretty cute huh?

From the left: Abbey, Torri, Lenna (mom), Cortney and Alexa.
These are the girls of the group. I made Abbey's headband, my scarf, and Alexa's flower. The tutorials are below.

Dad and his girls. :)

This is how you make the single flower. It is really easy! First, cut a bunch of circles from your choice of fabric. I got a silk fabric because it will make the steps later on easy. Have the circles go from biggest to smallest. You will want to cut the circles bigger than you want your actual flower, since the petals will shrink down.

Make a half inch slit going towards the middle of the flower. I did a slit every inch and a half or so, depending on the size of the circle.

Then take a lit candle and put each little section over the flame. It doesn't need to touch the flame. I kept it about 2 or 3 inches above the flame and my fabric was thin enough that it would heat up.

This is what you want the edges to look like. It heats up a lot faster than you think, so be careful!! I did it by the sink so that just in case anything happened I could just throw it in the water.
Then I layered the circles from biggest to smallest and hot glued them all together. Then I put in a cut center button.

Abbey's headband is also super easy. First, start with a strip of fabric. The length depends on how big you want your rosette. The longer the strip, the wider the rosette is. You will also need a circle of felt to glue the rosette on to.

Tie a small knot on one end of the strip. Glue the knot down in the center of the felt circle. Then you will twist the strip of fabric and start wrapping it around the knot. Hot glue it as you go.

For the end, just keep twisting the strip of fabric and wrap it over the edge of the felt circle and glue the end onto the back.
Next, trim the extra felt from around the edges. And last you glue a cute center in! I made three of these, one bigger than the others. Then I just glued them onto a plain black headband!

Thanks to Alin for taking these adorable pictures!!

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