Monday, June 11, 2012

So I wanted to make a shirt...

Have you all heard of the store called NPS? It's out by California Avenue for those of you who know Salt Lake valley. It's spack in the middle of lots of industrial buildings. My client told me about it so me and my cousin Amy went to check it out. They have amazing fabric there for $1.29 a yard!! It was pure heaven. We found this stripped jersey and Amy mentioned that it would be a cute shirt. I thought about how I had never tried to make a shirt... and soon I was in action.

I have looked at many patterns, but they are just so confusing! So I decided that for my first shirt I would play it safe. I got one of my other shirt that I love and used it as my base.
 I cut around the shirt on one side, then flipped it over for the other side because I didn't want a seam on the top of the shirt. (Does that make sense??)

I folded it over to make sure that the sides matched. Jersey can be hard to cut because it rolls on the edges, but it hides mistakes easy!

I folded it in half again to make sure the edges matched up.

This is what it looked like full out.

I hemmed all of the edges next.

Then I folded it in fourths and cut the hole for the neck.

Next I pinned what I needed to sew together, which was just the sides of course. Make sure to leave room for the sleeves!

I sewed where it was pinned and I was done! Easier than I thought it was going to be.



  1. I want this same shirt so we'll just have to go back to the craft store. :)

  2. Love it! I'm totally going to try it!