Friday, June 3, 2011

My first post! "The Bag Lady"

If you knew me at all, you would know that I'm always carrying around 10 million things. So obviously I love bags. I do like purses, but I don't discriminate against other more "regular" type of bags. For Mother's Day I made my mother-in-law that cutest bag. I had made one for my sister-in-law for her birthday and since then, my mother-in-law kept dropping hints about wanting one to use as her primary bag. So this was my first creation...

Cute right? I got the idea from another crafting blog. I know it's such bad etiquette to not know what blog it's from, but when I remember I will fix this post. I had copied her idea on the owl bag for my sister-in-law. So for this bag I basically just took the owl idea and turned it into 3 little birdies. The hardest part was gluing the feathers down. They just didn't want to stick. Since I have given her the bag, she has told me that a few of the feathers have fallen off. So if anyone has a better idea about how to stick the feathers on, please let me know! And as far as the sewing part goes, I just bought the bag at Michael's craft store and then hand stitched everything else.

Here is the bag I made for myself...

My favorite part is that the nose sticks off the face so far. I just use it to carry my crafts around, but it is a sturdy little bag. The fabric is a lot thicker than the one I just for the other bag so it made it harder to stitch, but I like that it can carry heavier things. Again, I just hand stitched everything. Hope you enjoy it!

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