Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Wreaths

I have the cutest hair client, her name is Sandy. She always shows me these incredible wreaths that she makes. She is so creative and talented! I wanted to try to make a wreath like hers and I figured the best people to make them for are my mom and mother-in-law! 

This gold and red one is for my mother-in-law. She loves the traditional colors but I added some fun ornaments to it so that it wouldn't be bland. 

I used a whole roll of ribbon to make that bow, but after I finished it I decided that next time I want to make it a little bigger. I got all of the ornaments at either Hobby Lobby or Walmart. I waited for the sales because I needed a lot of ornaments, and the cost can add up really fast. 

The S is for Shields of course. I wanted to add a few special ornaments to each one to personalize them. 

That little tiny bottle is full of Lake Powell sand, which is their favorite place. I looked for a boat ornament, but none of them were very cute. Luckily I have a whole jar of Lake Powell sand so I bought a jewelry bottle charm and filled it with the sand.  

One really helpful tip that Sandy gave me was how to glue on the ornaments. She bought an old pan from the DI and filled it with glue sticks. She warms in on the stove and then she dips the whole ornament in the glue and places it on the wreath. It works really well! They really stick on there with no chance of coming off. The only thing I didn't glue was the bow and the Merry Christmas ornament. I wired both of those to the wreath. 

This one is for my mom. She loves the fun decorative stuff like polka dot ribbon! 

Isn't this little Rudolph buddy cute? I found him at Walmart for $1. 

These were some of my favorite ornaments. They are just sticks that you stab into the wreath. They were at Hobby Lobby for $0.75. I loved them so much that I bought some for my Christmas tree!

This wreath's personalization is the S for Sorensen and the high heel to represent the four daughters in our family. The high heel is also from Walmart.

I am so excited for the holidays!! There are so many fun crafts to do and give away!

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