Sunday, November 27, 2011

Junk vs. Treasure

We have a second bedroom in our apartment and I love love love love it! I call it my Hobby Lobby. 
I even made a sign. :)

Whenever my dad comes over and sees all the "junk" I have, he tells me that I need to make a trip to the D.I. Obviously he is not a crafter! These are just a couple of the random things that I have in my Hobby Lobby. What is one man's junk is another girl's treasure.

The key is organization..

Steven made me those beautiful shelves. He cut the wood and I stained, painted, and modge-podged them then he mounted them for me. And don't you love those jars? I want to get a few more and do a second row behind them.

Doesn't all this junk just make you want to go crafting crazy!!

Only 23 days left to get your Christmas craft presents finished and wrapped!


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