Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Have You Heard It's Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Don't you love this cute heart from the Wood Connection? This is actually supposed to be a conversation heart, but I like to put my own spin on things. :) Speaking of Wood Connection, only one more week until I'm the guest blogger on their website! Do you remember the $25 give-away?? Check it out!

Saturday we had a party with our cousins for Valentine's. When we have a party, we party the RIGHT way! Look at our cute table set up!

My cousin Britt made the cute cookie holder with the records. Our party theme was "All You Need Is Love". We will be posting all of the other pictures sometime soon on our cousin blog!

This is my cute Valentine, how cute is he!

Ummm... P.S. I made this skirt :) It's super simple and plain, but it's my first time ever putting a skirt together and using an elastic when sewing. So I think that is major crafting points!

I also made this cute hair clip. I show how to make one like it here.

Did I mention that for the party we made Valentine boxes? We are children at heart! I wanted mine themed Care Bears! To be honest, the rainbow took a lot longer than expected! I used wire to make the main body of the rainbow, then paper mached the rest. (For the paper mache, I realized that the best thing is one part flour to five parts water then boil the mixture.) The hardest part was making the rainbow somewhat even.

I found pictures of Care Bears on Google Images and stuck them popsicle sticks and punched them into the box.

I think that it turned out pretty cute!

Steven made his Gotham City from Batman. It ended up really cool! Especially for pulling it together in the last thirty minutes before the party! :)

I love how he graffitied the windows! And my favorite part is that he put the classic Batman light, he is really creative!

And look at my cute sisters! We took this pictures for Valentine's Day. Aren't they so cute!

These are the gorgeous flowers that my adorable husband surprised me with last Friday. I told you, he is the SWEETEST boy!

I hope you all have a great Valentine's! <3


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  1. just stopping by from Homemade Mommy and Baby! Love your crafts! You have a great page!