Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Locket Love (P.S. An Awesome Give-away!)

Ok so I have a slight necklace obsession. And by slight I mean that it's a big problem. I have gone a little necklace crazy in that last little while. I get my lockets from the Hobby Lobby because they are a lot cheaper there and I can find them on sale.

Here is my "squishy" necklace. This is what Steven calls me, long story about how that came around! :)

I use a glass glue to glue the papers onto each side of the glass. I tried not gluing them on to save some time, but they kept sliding around and they just didn't look as nice.

This is my cowboy concert necklace! We went to the Brad Paisley concert for my birthday, and I felt it was highly necessary to have a special necklace!

As you may know, I'm a Disney freak. And "Up" is one of my favorite movies!

This was my offical birthday necklace! I thought I was pretty clever with this one :)

For the back of this one, I just glued a bunch of glitter to the paper. The first day I wore it, I was covered in glitter. I would definitely recommend spraying it with a gloss after you do the glitter!

This one is harder to see because it's so light, but it is my Valentine necklace. It says, "Keep Calm and Love On". If you go to google images, there are so many that you can use!

And this was my official mermaid crown! How incredible is that? My awesome cousins/best friends threw me a Little Mermaid party! More pictures are to come about this, because it was INCREDIBLE!!

So for the big give-away news!! I am going to be a guest blogger for the Wood Connection and I am so excited!!! I will be over at the Wood Connection on February 20th showing off a St. Patrick's door hang.

They gave me a $25 gift certificate to give away on my blog!!

 So here's the plan! I want all my followers to submit a picture of their St. Patrick's decorations by the end of February and I will pick a winner to get the gift certificate. The decoration must be made by you and I will pick the winner based on the creativity and just plain cuteness of the project. Email the picture and your name and email to: shieldedhome@gmail.com

So you have 1 month! Get crafting!!


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  1. Is it cheating if I enter? ;) I'm glad you like your crown. :)