Monday, January 16, 2012

Primary Boards

It's a new year and that means a new primary class! I wanted a little more structure this year so I made a few boards to help us out. Visuals are a great way for the kids to feel like they know what is going on.

One of the goals this year is for the kids to know the Articles of Faith. Our class is younger, so I'm not expecting them to memorize all of them. But I thought that we could make a chart so that we know what articles to practice what sundays. Then we can read them as a class and go over what each one means.

A goal that I made for our class is that they would all bring their scriptures every Sunday. I made this chart and told them that every time they bring their scriptures they get to put a sticker on the chart. Once they get to five stickers, they get a treat. At first, we will take them to the library to borrow some scriptures so that they get used to the idea.

This next one is more for me than the kids. I have learned in school that the most a child can focus on any one subject is 10 minutes. Knowing this, it helped me set up my schedule for our class room. I did the time both ways, hoping that this would reinforce what they learn in school about telling time.

They were really easy to make. I had some cardboard that I used for the backing. After I glued on the paper I took packing tape and went all over the board so that it would be "laminated". Hopefully these will really help give the class the structure that I'm looking for!

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