Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Girls Crafting Night

It was a ladies craft night! I was so excited about this for so long. These are my best pals from my master esthetics class. We have kept in touch for a while now, and I love them to death! 

So here is the craft that I came up with for craft night. I wanted to do something with Valentines Day but also something where we could work with wood. I came up with these Valentine Card Blocks. 

Here's the ladies working on their projects!

Look how cute they turned out! Aren't they all so adorable??

On one side she did Valentines, and on the other she did the lyrics to their song. She did that side more neutral colors so that she could keep it up all year long. We did all of these letters with my Cricut, which you all know that I LOVE!

Didn't they all turn out so great! We used the wood blocks from the Wood Connection and we also used the Wood Connection's texture cream on the pictures. For everything else we used modge-podge and plain old rubber cement. The velum with the lyrics turned out really cute on all of the blocks. Randi glued hers down, but the rest of us nailed the paper on with these cool nails that I got at Home Depot. 

(In case you're wondering, the photographer who took my picture is Briston Photography. She is amazing!)

Thanks girls for such a fun craft and all the smiles and laughter! I can't wait til our couponing class and sewing class! Woot woot!!

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