Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learning is the Hard Part

Remember that way cool sewing machine that my amazing husband got me for Christmas? Well I have been trying it out. At first when I was starting off with a few pieces of material, I thought it was so dang easy. Well, I think I bit off more than I could chew....

I wanted to make a baby blanket. But not just a normal baby blanket, but a really really cute one! For who? No one really. I just wanted to do it. Well it was a nightmare. There was puckering and un-evenness everywhere that I could see. So many times I wanted to scrap it and never look at the thing again. But I kept thinking, there always has to be a first right? I just wanted to get the first one done and over with. 

Once I decided that I had basically destroyed the thing anyway, I started to experiment with it. I actually learned a lot. It's hard because all of the other crafts always have come so easy to me. If I want to make something, it's simply a matter of just making it (if that makes sense at all). But with fabric I have to think ahead and really put some thought into it. 

My goal for the year is to make three blankets a month and at the end of the year, I will give them to the Christmas Box House or another organization of the like. That way I will get to practice my sewing skills and be doing something good at the same time. Although, I'm going to do more simply blankets first so that the kids don't want to cry when they see the horrible sewing job. :)

So did I throw it away? I came so close, but no. I have to have something to show how much progress I made, right? Learning is definitely the hardest part. 

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